Table 1.

Characteristics of trials included for analysis

Trial target/mechanismClassNo. of patients per trial (n = 683)No. of patients treated above MTD (n = 95)No. of dose levels tested
Single agent
    Angiopoietin inhibitorBiologic1704
    Aurora kinase inhibitorSmall molecule1609
    Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitorSmall molecule184 (22%)5
    Death receptorBiologic2305
    DNA synthesis inhibitorSmall molecule1604
    EGFR/VEGFR inhibitorSmall molecule112 (18%)6
    Hypomethylating agentSmall molecule3105
    Insulin growth factor receptorBiologic2104
    Mitotic inhibitorSmall molecule185 (28%)8
    Multikinase inhibitorSmall molecule112 (18%)3
    NF-κB inhibitorSmall molecule213 (14%)10
    Ras inhibitorSmall molecule2405
    STAT-3 inhibitorSmall molecule2405
    Tyrosine kinase inhibitorSmall molecule4915 (31%)13
    Topoisomerase inhibitorSmall molecule1405
    Multiple mechanisms, apoptosis inducer/antiangiogenicSmall molecule408 (20%)8
    Multiple mechanisms, apoptosis inhibitor/tubulin inhibitorSmall molecule1104
Two agents
    Antiangiogenic + proteosome inhibitorBiological + small molecule5409
    Hypomethylating agent + HDAC inhibitorSmall molecule686 (10%)7
    Immune + multiple mechanisms, including Src inhibitorImmune modulator + small molecule207 (35%)5
    Microtubule inhibitor + proapoptoticSmall molecule338 (24%)7
    Ras inhibitor + multikinase inhibitorSmall molecule5814 (24%)5
Three agents
    Proteosome + DNA synthesis inhibitorsSmall molecule5021 (42%)9

Abbreviations: EGFR, epidermal growth factor receptor; HDAC, histone deacetylase; STAT-3, signal transducer and activator of transcription 3; VEGFR, vascular epithelial growth factor receptor.