Table 2.

Past and present members of the clinical trial design task force

ChairLesley Seymour
Co-chairDonald Berry
CTEPS. Percy Ivy
Clinical and/or pharmacologyA. Adjei, S. Yao, L. Baker, S. Lutzker, J. Humphrey, D. Stewart, A. Dowlati, P. Keegan, P. LoRusso, M. Ratain, D. Spriggs, J. Collins, M. Grever, C. Erlichmann
StatisticsJ. Crowley, S. Groshen, M. Le Blanc, L. Rubinstein, D. Sargent
ImagingL. Shankar, A. Shields
AdvocateD. Collyar
NonvotingR. Agarwal, L. Minasian, P. Ujhazy, L. Jensen, P. West
Past membersG. Eckhart, S. Arbuck, M. Christian, G. Fyfe, R. Humphrey, M. Sznol, M. Villalona-Calero, M. Weinblatt