Table 1.

Clinical characteristics of all uveal melanoma patients (n = 90; univariate analysis) and in vivo tumor take rate (%)

Patients and tumor characteristicsPatients (n)Tumor take rate (%)P
Age at diagnosis (y)
History of previous cancer
    No8625.6NS (0.06)
Primary tumor location
    Anterior to equator30
    On equator7530.7NS
    Posterior to equator1118.2
Origin of tumor sample
    Primary tumor7321.90.02
    Metastatic tumor1752.9
Primary tumor diameter (NA = 4)
    ≤15 mm1816.7NS
    15-18 mm2737.0
    >18 mm4126.8
Primary tumor thickness
    ≤7 mm1729.4NS
    7-10 mm1442.8
    >10 mm5923.7
Retinal detachment (NA = 2)
    No3138.7NS (0.07)
Extrascleral invasion (NA = 5)
Primary tumor treatment
    No enucleation1735.3NS
Histology (n = 73)
Ciliary body involvement (NA = 1)
Extrascleral involvement (NA = 1)
Mitotic index (NA = 9)
Monosomy 3 of primary tumors (NA = 10)
Initial treatment
    Proton therapy7335.3NS
  • Abbreviations: NA, not available; NS, not significant.