Table 1.

Clinicohistopathologic features of the 576 bladder cancer patients and controls included in this study

Phase IPhase I (n total)Phase II (n total)n total
n males3826214278170448
n females19778741128
Male/female ratio382.892.782.784.153.5
Average age69.8265.6865.7366.1668.7367.1
Tumor urine samples
    Ta LG−CIS69710339142
    Ta HG−CIS371929938
    T1 LG−CIS347512
    T1 HG−CIS3315211132
    T2, T3, T4 HG−CIS7120282250
  Total tumors332518624497341
Control urine samples
  Total controls610105121114235
n total3935291365211576

Abbreviation: CIS, carcinoma in situ.