Table 2.

Description of the genes selected in each of the three steps of the first phase

Selected differentially expressed genes (P < 0.05)Other selected genes
Diagnostic and prognostic genesDiagnostic genesPrognostic genesOutliers/BibliographyEndogenous controls
nn overexpressedn underexpressednn overexpressedn underexpressednn overexpressedn underexpressed
Affymetrix→216Diagnostic88128661650634122297 + 3384
TA 384Prognostic19125
TA 384→25Diagnostic23248311795411396
TA 96Prognostic214
TA 96→14Diagnostic122201825416348
TA 48Prognostic113

NOTE: Genes are over- or under-expressed in tumor or HG samples with respect to control or LG tumors, respectively. Diagnostic genes: differentially expressed genes between tumor and control samples. Prognostic genes: differentially expressed genes between LG and HG tumor samples (those genes that predict tumor aggressiveness). Genes could be differentially expressed either for diagnosis only or for prognosis only, or for both.