Table 3.

Diagnostic performance of the 12-gene set model in different sets of samples

Gene set model from:Phase IPhase IPhase II
Samples from:Phase IPhase IIPhase II
    n tumors/n controls244/12197/11497/114
Low-risk NMIBC (Ta or T1 LG without associated CIS)
    n tumors/n controls110/12144/11444/114
High-risk NMIBC (Ta or T1 LG with associated CIS, Ta or T1 HG, Tis)
    n tumors/n controls92/12127/11427/114
MIBC (T2, T3, T4 HG, with or without associated CIS)
    n tumors/n controls42/12126/11426/114

Abbreviations: PPV, positive predictive value; NPV, negative predictive value.