Table 1.

Characteristics for 1,076 endometrial cancer MoMaTEC trial patients at time of primary treatment

Mean age, y66
Menopausal status
FIGO stage
Histologic typea
Histologic differentiationb
 Grade 1 and 273668.8
 Grade 333331.2
Primary surgery
 Hysterectomy and oophorectomy1,03796.4
 Diagnostic curettage only323.0
 Palliative surgery70.7
Lymph node sampling
 Not carried out31329.1
 Carried out76370.9
Adjuvant primary treatmentc
 Chemo radiation585.4
 Hormonal treatment181.7
Status at last follow-upd
 Alive without disease78277.5
 Alive with recurrent disease757.4
 Dead without disease383.8
 Dead with but not from disease90.9
 Dead because of disease10510.4

NOTE: MoMaTEC, Molecular Markers for Treatment of Endometrial Cancer, NCT00598845.

  • aEndometrioid group including 12 adenosquamous cancers. Nonendometrioid: clear cell 42, serous papillary 89, carcinosarcoma 47, and undifferentiated carcinoma 17.

  • bMissing information about grade in 7 cases.

  • cOne patient missing information concerning additional treatment.

  • dA total of 67 patients have not yet been evaluated for follow-up.