Table 3.

Prediction of lymph node metastases in 521 patients with endometrial cancer, uni- and multivariate logistic regression

VariablenUnivariate OR95% CIPMultivariate OR95% CIP
Histologic type curettagea <0.0010.123
 Low risk4481
 High risk733.622.00–6.542.230.80–6.21
Histologic grade curettage<0.0010.390
 1, 24121
Stathmin curettage0.0050.046
 Weak expression3271
 Strong expression1942.101.25–3.541.751.01–3.02

NOTE: Cases with data available for all variables included in uni- and multivariate analyses.

  • aLow risk: benign, hyperplasia, endometrioid; high risk: serous papillary, clear cell, carcinosarcoma, and undifferentiated carcinomas.