Table 5.

Multivariate survival analysis of 775 endometrial cancer patients according to Cox’ proportional hazards regression model

VariablenUnadjusted HR95% CIPAdjusted HR95% CIP
FIGO stage<0.001
 I, II6381 8.625.26–14.14<0.001
 III, IV13713.158.23–21.00
Histologic type<0.001
 Endometrioid6521 2.211.19–4.130.012
Histologic grade<0.001
 1, 25461 1.630.82–3.250.162
Stathmin curettage<0.001
 Weak expression4851 1.681.05–2.670.030
 Strong expression2902.431.56–3.78

NOTE: Cases with data available for all variables included in uni- and multivariate analyses.