Table 2.

Study participant demographics and clinical outcome

Patient IDDiagnosis stage/subtypeDoseAgeECOG PSNo. of prior treatmentsNo. of injectionsTTP (d)Survival (d)
Ovarian cancer study participants
 Imm-01-001IIIC papillary serousLow660210204735
 Imm-01-002IIIC papillary serousLow450271,115+
 Imm-01-003IIIC clear cellLow5301678532
 Imm-01-004IIIC papillary serousLow43016726+
 Imm-01-005IIIC serousHigh56016442524+
 Imm-01-006IIIC serousHigh5502665289
 Imm-01-007IIIC poorly diff adenocarcinomaHigh63016451+
 Imm-01-008IIC clear cellHigh4701642358+
Breast cancer study participants
 Imm-02-001T3N3 (IIIB), ER+PR-HER2-Low53016562+
 Imm-02-003T2N1 (IIB), triple negLow72016595+
 Imm-02-004T1cN1 (IIA), triple negHigh63016383+
 Imm-02-005T2N0 (IIA) triple negHigh41016390+
 Imm-02-006T1bN1a (IIA) ER-PR-HER2+High50116314+
 Imm-02-007T3N0 (IIB) triple negHigh51013310+

NOTE: TTP indicates no evidence of progression; N/A indicates not available.

For breast cancer, the combination of adjuvant (or neoadjuvant) surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is all counted as 1 treatment.