Table 1.

Pazopanib prevention of brain metastatic colonizationa

Pazopanib dose, mg/kgNo. of miceMean large metastases (95% CI)PMean micrometastases (95% CI)P
0103.92 (3.05–4.79)101.9 (84.2–119.6)
30111.93 (1.59–2.26)0.000276.4 (59.5–93.2)NS
100111.05 (0.72–1.39)<0.000161.7 (44.8–78.6)0.004
  • aMice were inoculated with 1.75 × 105 231-BR-HER2 cells. Pazopanib or vehicle treatment began 3 days after tumor cell injection for 22 days. Brains were excised and bisected along the sagittal plane. A 10-μm step section every 300 microns through one hemisphere of the brain was analyzed to count every micro- or large (>300 microns in any single dimension) metastasis in each section. The mean number of metastases is reported.