Table 1.

Pancreatic cancer cell lines characteristics and their IC50 values for dasatinib, erlotinib, and gemcitabine

Cell LineDerivationGenetic backgroundIC50 (nmol/L)
MiaPaca2PrimaryMutant K-ras, mutant p53, wt smad4, wt EGFR51.28122.349.99
PANC1PrimaryMutant K-ras, mutant p53, wt smad4, mutant EGFR45.681118100.2
AsPC1Metastasis (ascites)Mutant K-ras, wt p53, wt smad4, wt EGFR44.97693.139.96
CEPAC1Metastasis (liver)Mutant K-ras, wt p53, mutant smad4, ND EGFR24.99431.650.55
Capan1Metastasis (liver)Mutant K-ras, ND p53, mutant smad4, mutant EGFR9.6317.230.12
SW1990Metastasis (spleen)Mutant K-ras, wt p53, ND smad4, ND EGFR5.1548.329.78
Capan2PrimaryMutant K-ras, wt p53, wt smad4, ND EGFR4.8712520.08
HPACPrimaryMutant K-ras, wt p53, wt smad4, mutant EGFR2.7949.930.16
BxPC3PrimaryWt K-ras, mutant p53, mutant smad4, wt EGFR2.899.730.09

wt = wild type; ND = not determined.

*Data from Nagaraj and colleagues (14).