Table 1.

Clinicopathological features and genomic patterns in cluster 1 and 2 tumors

ParameterAll patientsCluster 1Cluster 2Cluster 1 vs. 2
No. of patients502327
FIGO stage
 I261016P = 0.395a
Stage I vs. II/III/IV
 I261016P = 0.204a
Median age, y (range)58 (34–82)62 (36–82)56 (34–73)P = 0.073b
Residual disease
 <2cm411823P = 0.687a
Adjuvant chemotherapyc
 Yes401723P = 0.480a
Nuclear pleomorphism
 Severe311516P = 0.248a
 Yes351817P = 0.355a
Adeno-fibroma like
 Yes1046P = 0.736a
 Yes1147P = 0.515a
Mitotic count (per 10 high power fields)
 ≤2 (median)27918P = 0.076b
Histological architectural pattern
 Glandular844P = 0.347a
Genomic architectural pattern
 Firestorm20146P < 0.001a
  • aFisher's exact test.

  • bMann–Whitney U test

  • cAll adjuvant chemotherapy was platinum-based