Table 1.

Studies on oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy and ERCC1 (rs11615C>T) and ERCC2 (rs13181T>G) polymorphisms included in the meta-analysis

StudyCountryTumorDrugnBiomarkersSNPsAllele frequencya
 Chang et al. (21)TaiwanColorectalFOLFOX168TR, OS, PFSrs11615T: 0.254
 Lai et al. (34)TaiwanColorectalFOLFOX188TR, OS, PFSrs13181G: 0.080
 Keam et al. (22)KoreaGastricFOLFOX73TR, OS, PFSrs11615T: 0.260
rs13181G: 0.082
 Liang et al. (35)ChinaColorectalFOLFOX or XELOX99TR, PFSrs11615T: 0.288
 Seo et al. (36)KoreaGastricFOLFOX75TR, OS, PFSrs11615T: 0.240
 Huang et al. (37)ChinaGastricFOLFOX89OS, PFSrs11615T: 0.281
 Liang et al. (38)ChinaColorectalFOLFOX or XELOX113OSrs11615T: 0.323
 Le Morvan et al. (39)FranceColorectalFOLFOX or XELOX59TR, OS, PFSrs13181G: 0.381
 Paré et al. (20)SpainColorectalFOLFOX126TR, OS, PFSrs11615T: 0.586
rs13181G: 0.384
 Park et al. (40)USAColorectalFOLFOX70TRrs13181G: 0.421
 Chua et al. (41)AustraliaColorectalFOLFOX115TR, OS, PFSrs11615T: 0.635
 Spindler et al. (42)DenmarkColorectalXELOX66TR, PFSbrs11615T: 0.652
 Viguier et al. (43)FranceColorectalFOLFOX61TRrs11615T: 0.557
 Ruzzo et al. (44)ItalyColorectalFOLFOX166PFSrs11615T: 0.557
rs13181G: 0.443
 Stoehlmacher et al. (45)USAColorectalFOLFOX106OS, PFSrs11615T: 0.505
rs13181G: 0.373
 Martinez-Balibrea et al. (46)SpainColorectalFOLFOX or XELOX96PFSrs11615T: 0.615
rs13181G: 0.354
 Etienne-Grimaldi et al. (47)FranceColorectalFOLFOX117TR, OS, PFSrs11615T: 0.538
rs13181G: 0.385
HapMapcChina(normal)137rs11615T: 0.243
136rs13181G: 0.095
Europe(normal)113rs11615T: 0.642
113rs13181G: 0.332

Abbreviation: TR, therapeutic response.