Table 1.

miR-125a-5p expression and clinicopathologic factors

FactorsLow expression group (n = 55)High expression group (n = 32)P
Age (mean ± SD)63.5 ± 1.6067.2 ± 2.090.16
Histologic grade
 Well and moderately2138.21753.10.18
 Poorly and others3461.81546.9
 50 mm > (small)1832.72062.50.0068a
 50 mm < (large)3767.31237.5
Depth of tumor invasionb
 m, sm, mp1221.821140.031a
 ss, se, si4378.21118
Lymph node metastasis
Lymphatic invasion
Venous invasion
Liver metastasis
Peritoneal dissemination
Clinical stage

aP < 0.05.

bTumor invasion of mucosa (m), submucosa (sm), muscularis propria (mp), subserosa (ss), penetration of serosa (se), and invasion of adjacent strucures (si).