Table 1.

Diagnosis of IL-4R neutralizing antibody–treated and untreated tumors

Untreated n = 1 n = 0 n = 2 n = 40a1- N03- M0
7b 6- N1 4- M1
IL-4Rα Ab treated n = 6 n = 0 n = 1 n = 00a6- N06- M0
7b 1- N1 1- M1

Tumor diagnosis was carried out according to the IRSG Presurgical Staging Classification (22). I, II, III, IV: tumor stage; T: tumor size; a: ≤4 mm in diameter in size; b: >4 mm in diameter in size; N: lymph node metastasis; N0: nodes not clinically involved; N1: nodes clinically involved by neoplasm; M: hematogenous metastasis; M0: no distinct metastasis; M1: metastasis present. These are the same mice as for Figure 4.