Table 2

Summary of 111In-labeled 2A11 antibody imaging results with other relevant parameters

Patient Number2A11 imageCT imageHistologyPrior CTRa111In-labeled 2A11/g tumor tissue
1 mg/m2 of 2A11
  1bR lung uptakeRUL lesionSCLCYes
  2⇈mediastinal uptakeMediastinal adenopathySCLCNo
  3⇈hilar uptakeR&L hilar/mediastinal adenopathySCLCNo
  4⇈lung uptakeL lung lesionSCLCNo
10 mg/m2 of 2A11
  5⇈mediastinal uptakeNo lesion seenSCLCYes
  6⇈hilar/mediastinal uptake⇈hilar/mediastinal adenopathyNSCLCYes
  7No ⇈ uptakeRLL lesionNSCLCYes
100 mg/m2 of 2A11
  8Not evaluableL lung collapseSCLCYes
  9Not evaluableNo chest findingsSCLCYes
 10⇈R apical massR apical massSCLCYes
 11⇈hilar uptake⇈hilar/mediastinal adenopathySCLCYes34.5 pm
 12⇈R SCLN5 × 5 cm R SCLNSCLCYes23 pm
250 mg/m2 of 2A11
 13⇈L lung uptakeNo findingSCLCYes
 14⇈mediastinal uptake4 × 6 cm mediastinal massSCLCNo
 15⇈L lung uptakeL lung lesionSCLCYes35 pm
  • a CTR, chemotherapy.

  • b ⇈, increased; ⇈R, right; SCLN, supraclavicular lymph node; RUL, right upper lobe; R&L, right & left; L, left; RLL, right lower lobe.