Table 1

Percentage of PEG and pharmacokinetic properties of liposomal doxorubicin in BALB/c mice with or without C-26 tumor implant

Liposomal doxorubicin
6 mg/kg (without tumor)10 mg/kg (without tumor)10 mg/kg (with tumor)a
0.0% PEG1.2% PEG3.0% PEG6.0% PEG0.0% PEG6.0% PEG0.0% PEG6.0% PEG
AUC (mg·h/l)13891996294930613350687423494934
AUMC (mg·h2/l)22,69939,59463,76271,75882,348169,99236,814107,499
MRT (h)16.319.821.623.424.624.715.721.8
Clearance (l/h/kg)0.00430.00300.00200.00200.00300.00150.00430.0020
Vss (l/kg)0.0710.0600.0440.0460.0730.0360.0670.044
  • a The pharmacokinetic study was performed 7 days after C-26 tumor implantation.

  • b c0, initial concentration.