Table 4

Results of univariate and multivariate analyses using the Cox regression analysis model

log likelihood ratioPartialcPCombination of two factorslog likelihood ratioPartial PCombination of three factorslog likelihood ratioPartial PCombination of all four factorslog likelihood ratioPartial P
HER-2/neu−19.20<0.001HER-2/neu+HER-3−13.94<0.002HER-2/neu+HER-3+EGFR−11.99<0.05HER-2/neu+HER- 3+EGFR+HER-4−11.66>0.25
  • a Addition of single oncoprotein to Cox regression analyses, which includes histological grade, nodes, and distant metastasis.

  • b Multivariate addition of oncoproteins to Cox regression analysis, which includes histological grades, nodes, and distant metastasis.

  • c Log likelihood relative to log likelihood of −36.0 for grade, nodal stage, and distant metastasis.