Table 4

Therapeutic gain factors after combining docetaxel (DOC) with fractionated irradiation

TreatmentEFsaEFs jejunumTGb
  • a EF, radiation EF.

  • b TG, therapeutic gain obtained by dividing EF for tumor by EF for jejunum.

  • c MCa-4, DOC-sensitive tumor.

  • d SCC-VII = DOC-resistant tumor.

  • e MCa-4 = type schedule with DOC 9 h before each radiation dose.

  • f SCC-VII = type schedule with DOC 6 h before each radiation dose.

  • g Single dose of 33 mg/kg DOC 24 h before irradiation.

  • h FXRT, fractionated irradiation once daily for 5 days.

  • i Multiple dose of 8 mg/kg DOC 6 or 9 h before irradiation for SCC-VII and MCa-4, respectively.