Table 1

VEGF concentrations (pg/ml) in the blood samples of healthy controls (n = 56), patients treated for cancer (n = 8), and patients with cancer (n = 52)

GroupNo. of casesB-VEGF (pg/ml)Pa
Healthy controls56298108–554
Patients with treated cancer, NEDb8285217–4650.70
 Treated glioma, NED4231226–465
 Treated lymphoma, NED4263217–418
Patients with cancer, all5246469 –1531<0.0001
  Locoregional lymphoma3221221–413
  Disseminated lymphoma1139769–14410.011
 Other locoregional cancersc5393263–7250.055
 Other disseminated cancersd22563253–1531<0.0001
  • a Compared to healthy controls (n = 56); Mann-Whitney U test.

  • b NED, no evidence of disease.

  • c Cancers of the lung, thyroid, or prostate.

  • d Cancers of the lung, breast, colon, jejunum, esophagus, kidney, thyroid, testis, bladder, or gallbladder; sarcomas; or melanomas.