Table 4

Results of the cytology and K-ras mutational analysis in 71 patients with a precise etiology of the malignant bile duct stenosis based on histology of the stenotic lesion

Final diagnosisCytologyTotal
Pancreatic carcinoma82163a38
 K-ras positive7114224
 K-ras negative1102114
Bile duct carcinoma68418
 K-ras positive3115
 K-ras negative37313
Gall bladder carcinoma145
 K-ras positive011
 K-ras negative134
Ampullary carcinoma2428
 K-ras positive1113
 K-ras negative1315
Lymph node metastasis112
 K-ras positive000
 K-ras negative112
  • a One specimen could not be amplified and was called K-ras negative.