Table 2

Microsatellite markers used in amplifications of breast cancer samples

Markers highlighted in bold have been designated to comprise a diagnostic panel to evaluate colorectal cancers for MSI (45) , and underlined markers have been reported in other studies to show MSI in breast cancers.
Chromosome no.Microsatellite markersTotal number of markersTotal number of reactions
1D1S500, D1S507, D1S243, D1S305, SPTA1, D1S318, D1S117, D1S158, D1S162, D1S188, D1S228, BAT40121062
2D2S123, BAT262240
4 BAT25 1120
5D5S393, D5S404, D5S415, D5S421, D5S429, D5S6566360
6D6S252, D6S268, D6S287, D6S270, D6S292, D6S250, D6S310, D6S314, D6S311, D6S420, D6S473, D6S255, D6S442, D6S305, D6S264, D6S297162613
8D8S133, D8S137, D8S255, D8S259, D8S261, D8S262, D8S264, D8S298, D8S503, D8S504, D8S518, D8S540, D8S549, D8S560, D8S1715, D8S199116934
9D9S104, D9S162, D9S157, D9S156, D9S161, D9S200, D9S169, D9S171, D9S736, D9S816, D9S1747, D9S1748, D9S1749, D9S1751, D9S1752, D9S2230161410
11D11S1324, D11S904, D11S902, D11S988, D11S29, D11S35, D11S528, INT2, D11S911, D11S917101186
13D13S260, D13S263, D13S155, D13S2844460
16D16S541, D16S415, D16S265, D16S402, D16S413, D16S420, D16S515, D16S514, D16S511, D16S52010596
17D17S513, CHRNB1, TP53, D17S786, D17S122, THRA1, D17S579, D17S588, D17S736, D17S926, D17S250111636