Table 1

Side effects of DFMO (dose, g/m2/day)

Except for hearing loss, the information on side effects is largely qualitative; in our more recent low-dose chemoprevention trials, the approach has been more quantitative (42, 67, 76) . A detailed analysis of side effects and hearing changes of the most recent long-term, 1-year randomized trial of several doses of DFMO (42) is currently underway.a
High (>3)Intermediate (1–3)Low (<1)
DiarrheaFrequent, severeOccasional, mildUncommon
Abdominal pain/bloatingFrequent, severeOccasional, mildUncommon
Nausea/VomitingFrequent, moderateUncommonRare
HematologicalModestNot seenNot seen
Reversible hearing lossCommon, cumulative dose-relatedOccasional, dose-relatedUncommon, may be absent at <0.5 g/m2/day
  • a Unpublished data.8