Table 1

Growth inhibition and cytotoxicity of SN-38, oxaliplatin, and the combination of SN-38 and oxaliplatina

SN-38bl-OHPcl-OHP+SN-38dSN-38 → l-OHPel-OHP → SN-38f
3 h24 h3 h24 h
GI50 (1h)1.8360.60.760.710.450.79
IC50 (1h)2.5420.91.10.950.661
  • a Data are expressed in μm. l-OHP, oxaliplatin; GI50 (1h), concentration inhibiting 50% cell growth after a 1-h exposure; IC50 (1h), concentration inhibiting 50% clonogenic efficacy after 1-h exposure.

  • b Effect of SN-38 alone.

  • c Effect of oxaliplatin alone.

  • d Effect of SN-38 when combined with 10 μm oxaliplatin for 1 hour, using simultaneous administration.

  • e SN-38 given 3 or 24 h prior to oxaliplatin.

  • f Oxaliplatin given 3 or 24 h prior to SN-38.