Table 1

Tumor treatment and response characteristics of patients from which UM-SCC cell lines were developed

PatientAgeaGenderStageTNMbPrimary sitecSpecimen sitedPrior therapyeStatusfSurvivalgCell line
172MIT1N0M0FOMLocal recurRDWOD15UMSCC-1
272FIIT2N0M0Tonsil/BOTLocal recurRDOD15UMSCC-9
365MIVT2N2aM0HypopharynxPri bxNDOD14UMSCC-11A
Pri resectCUMSCC-11B
459FIIIT2N1M0HypopharynxPri bxNDOD10UMSCC-22A
  • a Patient age in years at diagnosis.

  • b Tumor Node Metastasis system of staging.

  • c FOM, floor of mouth; BOT, base of tongue.

  • d Origin of tissue used to establish cultures; recur, recurrence, Pri, primary tumor site; bx, biopsy; resect, surgical resection specimen; LN, lymph node; met, metastasis.

  • e Therapy given before the specimen used for culture was obtained: N, none; R, radiation; C, chemotherapy.

  • f DWOD, died without disease; DOD, died with disease.

  • g Survival in months from diagnosis to last follow up.