Table 2

Tumor, treatment, and response characteristics of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma from which primary SCC cell lines, serum, and tissue were obtained

PatientAgeGenderStageTNMPrimary siteSpecimen siteaPrior therapyStatusbMonthscCell line
164FIVT4N1M0Lateral tonguePri bxNNED19NIH-SCC-1
224MIVT4N0M0NasopharynxPri bxNNED18NIH-SCC-2
377MIVT3N2M0Lateral tonguePri bxNAWD17NIH-SCC-3
463MIVT4N0M0RetromolarPri bxNAWD16NIH-SCC-4A
TrigonePri resectNIH-SCC-4B
553FIVT4N1M0SupraglottisPri bxNNED16(−)
655MIVT3N3M1Tongue basePri bxNDOD3(−)
729MIVT4N3M0NasopharynxPri bxNAWD13NIH-SCC-7
842MIVT4N1M0Maxillary sinusPri bxNNED12NIH-SCC-8A
972FIVT4N2cM0TonsilPri bxNDOD9NIH-SCC-9
1046MIIIT2N1M0TonsilPri bxNNED13(−)
1146MIVT4N3M0Pyriform sinusPri bxNNED6(−)
  • a Pri, primary tumor site; bx, biopsy; resect, surgical resection specimen; LN, lymph node; met, metastasis.

  • b NED, no evident disease; AWD, alive with disease; DOD, died with disease.

  • c Months of follow-up after therapy.