Table 1

Demographics of surgical treatment arm study participants

Patient no.Age (yr)Sexp53 genotypeIndex tumor sitePrior treatments related to index tumorRecurrent tumor site
131FMutantTongue, floor of1. laser exc. L. tongueaLeft face and neck
 mouth2. XRT to oral cavity
3. L. hemiglossectomy, mandibulectomy, MRND
4. 1 cycle CDDP & 5FU
258MMutantSupraglottic larynx1. supraglottic laryngectomySubmental and
2. completion laryngectomy, bilateral MRND submaxillary area
3. XRT to bilateral necks
372MWTUnknown primary1. L. MRNDLeft neck
2. XRT to L. neck and supraclavicular region (5400 cGY)
446MMutantTongue base1. L. RND and R. cervical node biopsyTongue base
2. XRT to L. and R. necks and tongue base (6600 cGy)
558MMutantLarynx1. wide field laryngectomyHypopharynx
2. XRT to larynx (6300 cGy)
648MMutantTongue base1. XRT to tongue base, chemotherapyRight superior larynx
776FMutantSupraglottic larynx1. XRT to larynx, retropharyngeal and subdigastric nodesLeft supraclavicular area
853MWTUnknown primary1. R. RNDRight submentum
2. XRT to R. neck (5400 cGy)
3. XRT to submentum (4600 cGy)
4. 2 cycles cisplatin
956MMutantLarynx1. verticle hemilaryngectomyNeopharynx and
2. XRT to anterior neck and larynx (5500 cGy) peristomal region
3. total laryngectomy
1049FNELeft oral tongue1. wide local exc. L. tongueTongue
2. XRT to L. supraclavicular area (5040 cGy), L. neck (5600 cGy), and tongue and floor of mouth (3600 cGy)
1168MMutantLeft tonsil1. XRT to L. tonsil, L. upper neck, L. supraclavicular fossa (7000 cGy)Left tonsil
1237MMutantLeft oral tongue1. hemiglossectomyLeft tongue base
2. re-excision L. tongue
3. XRT to tongue (6400 cGy)
4. L. MND
1334FNEFloor of mouth and submentum1. wide local exc. tongue and floor of mouth, L. MRNDLeft tongue and floor of mouth
2. 2 cycles of Taxol, ifosphamide, cisplatin
3. XRT and 2 cycles of 5FU and cisplatin
1456MMutantRight hypopharynx1. 2 cycles of 5FU and cisplatinRight hypopharynx
2. partial laryngopharyngectomy, R. RND
3. XRT to R. neck (6300 cGy)
1573FMutantLeft buccal mucosa1. exc. L. buccal lesionLeft buccal mucosa
2. exc. L. retromolar trigone
3. L. hemimandibulectomy, L. MRND
4. XRT to L. cheek, face, and neck (4500 cGy)
5. XRT boost (900 cGy) to L. cheek
  • a L., left; R., right; exc., excision; XRT, radiation therapy; CDDP, cis-diamminedichloroplatinum; 5FU, 5-fluorouracil; MRND, modified radical neck dissection; RND, radical neck dissection; WT, wild-type; NE, could not be evaluated. Recurrent tumor site refers to the recurrent lesion that was treated in this Phase I trial.