Table 2

Ad-p53 and surgical treatment and related complications of surgical treatment arm study participants

Patient no.Ad-p53 doseper treatment1 × 10x pfuAdenovirus complicationsSurgical treatmentof recurrenceSurgical complicationsCurrentdiseasestatus
16Headache with first preoperative injectionLeft maxillectomy and mandibulectomy, bilateral NDs,a total laryngectomy, partial pharyngectomy, latisimus free flap and bilateral pectoralis flap reconstructionPostoperative fever with positive blood cultures for StaphylococcusDOD
26Erythema at preoperative injection siteTotal glossectomy, total pharyngectomy, bilateral NDs, resection anterior neck skin, right pectoralis flap reconstructionIntraoperative bradycardia and atrial flutter, electrolyte imbalanceDOD
37NoneLeft extended RND, left pectoralis flap reconstructionNoneNED
47Pain with preoperative injectionsTotal laryngectomy, total glossectomy, right MRND, marginal mandibulectomy, left verticle rectus myocutaneous flap reconstructionNoneDOD
58NoneTotal pharyngectomy, cervical esophagectomy, completion thyroidectomy, bilateral MRND, mediastinal nodal dissection, free jejunum reconstructionAnemia, electrolyte imbalance, confusion, fever, mild respiratory insufficiency, acute renal insufficiencyNED
68NoneTotal laryngectomy, right MRND, left RND, partial pharyngectomy, subtotal thyroidectomy, total glossectomy, free rectus flap and pectoralis flap reconstructionAnemia, electrolyte imbalance, acute renal insufficiencyDOD
79Tenderness at preoperative injection siteLeft extended RND, pectoralis flap reconstructionAnemia, electrolyte imbalance, aspiration pneumoniaDOC
89.5Fever during early preoperative injections, pain with preoperative injectionsRight NDNoneDOD
910.5Sore throat, increased dysphagia, sinus congestion, and headache during preoperative injectionsTotal pharyngectomy, total thyroidectomy, bilateral MRND, free jejunum reconstructionAnemia, electrolyte imbalance, ascites, hypothyroidism, pneumatosis intestinalisDOD
1010.5Fever, sore throat, headache, and increased odynaphagia and dysphagia during preoperative injectionsPartial glossectomy, hemimandibulectomy, left MRND, free fibula osseo-cutaneous flap reconstructionAnemia, electrolyte imbalance, hypertension, pneumonia, delayed cervical wound healingDOD
1110.5Fever during preoperative injections, and pain associated with injectionsLeft partial pharyngectomy, left partial mandibulectomy, left RND, right verticle rectus free flap reconstructionAnemia, electrolyte imbalance, pleural effusion, pneumonia and respiratory failure, hypertension, cellulitis left neckDOC
1211Pain after preoperative injections, throat swelling after first preoperative injectionTotal glossectomy, total laryngectomy, partial pharyngectomy, partial mandibulectomy, bilateral ND, free transverse rectus abdominis flap reconstructionAnemia, electrolyte imbalance and hypovolemia, feverDOD