Table 2A


Patient no.Ad-p53 doseper treatment1 × 10x pfuAdenovirus complicationsSurgical treatmentof recurrenceSurgical complicationsCurrent disease status
1311Fever after first two preoperative injections, erythema and induration at preoperative injection sites, headaches postinjectionTotal glossectomy, total laryngectomy, partial mandibulectomy, bilateral ND, free rectus flap reconstructionAnemia, electrolyte imbalance, breakdown of flap reconstructionNED
1411Fever and headache following preoperative injectionsTotal laryngopharyngectomy, left MRND, free jejunum reconstructionElectrolyte imbalance, respiratory failure, hypothyroidism and hypoparathyroidismNED
1511Fever after first preoperative injection, erythema and induration at preoperative injection siteResection left buccal mucosa, partial maxillectomy, partial mandibulectomy, infratemporal fossa resection, left MRND, free flap reconstructionElectrolyte imbalance, flap hematoma, agitation and confusionAWD
  • a ND, neck dissection; AWD, alive with disease; DOC, died of other causes; DOD, died of disease; NED, no evidence of disease; RND, radical neck dissection; MRND, modified radical neck dissection.