Table 4

Statistical analysis of the effect of hepatic dysfunction on the primary and secondary kinetic parameters of capecitabine and its metabolites after a single oral administration of 1255 mg/m2 capecitabine using the log transformation

Backtransformed least squares meansChange (%)
Parameter and analytesNormal hepatic functionHepatic dysfunctionEstimate95% CITest for group difference, P
 Capecitabine7.2510.748.2−3.95 –128.60.073
 5′-DFCR14.19.16−35.2−52.6 –−11.30.009
 5′-DFUR11.714.019.5−4.08 –48.90.108
 5-FU0.530.6115.1−12.95 –52.20.310
 FBAL51.163.223.6−22.9 –98.20.353
C max
 Capecitabine3.955.9149.5−15.6 –164.70.160
 5′-DFCR5.023.53−29.8−52.6 –4.070.076
 5′-DFUR4.646.1933.4−8.95 –95.40.133
 5-FU0.220.2828.3−18.8 –102.90.272
 FBAL6.226.748.28−17.8 –42.60.557