Table 3

Molecular prognosis in PC using RT-PCR for PSA

Failure was defined as serum PSA ≥0.2 ng/ml after radical prostatectomy (RP) in the article by Olsson et al.(47) and serum PSA >0.4 ng/ml or local recurrence on digital rectal exam after RP in the article by Wood and Banerjee (46) . In both of these articles, patients were sampled for RT-PCR before RP. Although no RR was given in the article by Wood and Banerjee (46) , RT-PCR positivity did correlate with poorer failure-free survival. Only those articles using Kaplan-Meier survival analysis are included in this table.
Author (Ref.)Patient populationSampleEnd pointUnivariate RRaP
Olsson et al. (47)Localized PCBloodFailure-free survival3.60.0286
Wood and Banerjee (46)Localized PCBMFailure-free survivalNA0.004
Ghossein et al. (48)Metastatic AI PCBloodOverall survival2.250.028
  • a RR, relative risk; NA, not available; AI, androgen independent.