Table 2

Predicted optimal treatments for AG3340 and carboplatin

Doses are given in mg/kg/day (AG3340) or mg/kg/wk (carboplatin). Relative hazards at the optimized treatments are given as the percent of the control group’s hazard. Statistical significance for doses and relative hazards was not computed because of heavy censoring of groups receiving 40 mg/kg/wk carboplatin.
Optimized combinationOptimized single-agents
All healthya
 Relative hazard13%19%46%
One-half failedb
 Relative hazard15%22%50%
All failedb
 Relative hazard16%23%51%
  • a All of the animals receiving 40 mg/kg/wk carboplatin that were removed from the study on day 38 were regarded as being healthy on day 38.

  • b Includes additional assumption about censored animals.