Table 2

CCND1 amplificationa

TumorAmplification (%)Cases studiedMethodReference
Bladder1146SouthernBringuier et al. (20)
11137FISHSauter et al. (21)
1428FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
2197SouthernProctor et al. (22)
Breast131171SouthernCourjal et al. (13)
2322SouthernZukerberg et al. (23)
2362FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
2464SouthernBarbaresci et al. (24)
Carcinoidb03FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
Colon047 cell linesSouthernLeach et al. (25)
010 + 6 cell linesSouthernSutter et al. (26)
024FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
DCIS176FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
1888FISHSimpson et al. (27)
Endometriumb04FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
Head/Neck2245diff. PCRKyomoto et al. (28)
2357SouthernDavidson et al. (29)
2623SlotBlotAkervall et al. (30)
3432SouthernCallender et al. (31)
3432Southernel-Naggar et al. (32)
3456SouthernNoguiera et al. (33)
3746SouthernJares et al. (34)
3816 cell linesSouthernXu et al. (35)
3816FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
5789Southern/SlotBlotMuller et al. (36)
Kidneyb021FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
Lung976FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
1553Southern/PCRBetticher et al. (37)
3257SouthernMarchetti et al. (38)
Melanoma061SouthernMaelandsmo et al. (39)
343 cell linesSouthernWalker et al. (40)
254FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
Ovary020FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
3237SouthernCourjal et al. (13)
Phylloidesb04FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
Prostate06 cell linesSouthernHan et al. (41)
014FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
Stomach045SouthernAkama et al. (42)
09FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
Testisb016FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
Thyroid024SouthernZou et al. (43)
01FISH/ArraySchraml et al.
  • a Studies on metastatic samples or tumors from treated patients were excluded.

  • b No data in the literature were found for carcinoids, pheochromocytoma, phylloides tumors, or tumors of the endometrium, kidney, or testis.