Table 1

Characterization of differentially expressed genes

Composite of data collected on each of the transcripts seen to be differentially expressed between normal cells and the SUM149 IBC cell line. Each transcript is represented by a number beginning with an N (expressed in the normal cells exclusively) or a T (expressed solely by the tumor cell line). The putative database identification of each of the transcripts is given along with approximate size of each transcript, as determined by Northern blot analysis. Finally, the chromosomal location of each gene/transcript is described. Those chromosomal locations given in bold were mapped by radiation hybrid panel mapping.
TranscriptDatabaseIdentification∼mRNA size(kb)Chromosome locationa
N2BLASTNKIAA01805.0 20p10
N3BLASTN28s rRNAb variable region2.513p, 14p, 15p, 21p and 22p
N4BLASTNOlfactory-R familyND17p13.1–13.3
N5/N6TIGRTHC1795625.6, 4.0, 1.9 chr.7q and chr.9q
N7BLASTNHMG-CoA reductase3.05q13.3–14
N8dBESTEST AA5929842.56q21
N9NoneNOVEL10, 6.3 18q12
T1TIGRTHC936234.5 3q22. 3
T2BLASTNDeoxyhypusine synthase5.419p13.1–13.12
T4BLASTNOlfactory-R familyND17p13.1–13.3
T5BLASTNOverexpressed Br. Tu. protein0.6 6p21.31
T6BLASTNRhoC GTPase1.01p13–21
T8NoneNOVEL11.2 20q19.9
T9BLASTN28s rRNA variable region1.613p, 14p, 15p, 21p and 22p
  • a Bold chromosomal locations correspond to genes newly mapped in this work.

  • b rRNA, ribosomal RNA; ND, not determined; Br. Tu., breast tumor; mt gDNA, mitochondrial genomic DNA.