Table 2

Expression of transcripts in stage III tumor samples as determined by in situ hybridization

Percentage of archival inflammatory and noninflammatory breast tumors expressing each of the transcripts, as determined by in situ hybridization. The differential expression of two transcripts, LIBC (N8) and RhoC (T6), was statistically significantly altered in inflammatory tumors versus noninflammatory stage III breast cancers. Expression LIBC was lost in 80% of inflammatory tumors and 21% of noninflammatory tumors. RhoC was overexpressed in 90% of inflammatory tumors, whereas only in 38% of noninflammatory tumors. Both of these genes were concordantly altered in 91% of the tumors analyzed.
TranscriptIdentificationIBC (n = 29)Non-IBC (n = 19)P
Transcripts expressed exclusively by normal HME cells
 N7HMG-CoA reductase10%25%0.56
 N8EST AA592984 (LIBC)20%79%0.0013a
Transcripts expressed exclusively by the SUM149 IBC cell line
 T2Deoxyhypusine synthase84%86%0.99
 T5Overexpressed Br. Tu.b protein83%67%0.569
 T6RhoC GTPase90%38%0.0095a
  • a Significant difference as determined by Fisher’s exact test.

  • b Br. Tu., breast tumor.