Table 1

%Patient histology, surgical stage, tumor uptake, and Ki-67 scores

This Table summarizes the following parameters measured for the 39 patients evaluated in this study: histological subtype and tumor differentiation, surgical stage, tumor diameter, Ki-67 score, uncorrected tumor maxSUV, PV corr maxSUV, and gluc-PV corr maxSUV. For clarity, the values for the BSA definition of the SUV are not included.

Patient no.HistologyStageCT diam.a (cm)Ki-67maxSUVPV corr maxSUVgluc-PV corr maxSUV
1pd adenocaIIIA4.002013.8113.8112.29
2md adenocaIB1.10402.827.677.59
3md SCCaIB2.337022.2624.4517.28
4wd BACIA1.0052.929.198.85
5md adenocaIIB3.20207.867.867.94
6pd SCCaIIB4.036015.0515.0514.95
7pd adenocabIB5.333011.1811.1812.33
8pd SCCaIB2.50306.426.784.54
9pd adenocaIA1.03307.0024.0122.25
10pd large cellIA1.779010.8815.9511.01
11wd BACIA1.1353.217.277.27
12pd carcinosarcIB4.335014.5614.5611.36
13pd SCCaIA1.20907.7719.9918.12
14pd large cellIIIB3.675014.8714.8714.28
15md adenocaIA0.70702.6717.1416.37
16md adenocaIB1.00302.397.796.05
17md adenocaIA2.008010.0312.679.80
18wd BACIB5.002.53.443.442.61
19md adenocaIA1.73403.855.685.68
20md adenocaIIB3.40307.707.706.80
21wd BACIB2.502.
22pd adenocaIIB1.505019.9237.2433.39
23md adenocacIIIA5.007012.6412.649.23
24pd adenocaIV4.83409.179.178.19
25pd large cellIV4.339011.2811.2810.56
26md SCCaIB3.83209.279.279.02
27wd adenocaIB2.7353.513.543.22
28md adenocaIIIA2.60308.098.396.99
29wd BACIB3.702.50.550.550.59
30pd large cellIV4.836015.0315.0312.37
31md SCCaIIIB3.105010.6810.6813.03
32pd large cellIA1.30707.5116.6914.69
33pd SCCaIB4.276012.4712.479.81
34pd adenocaIB4.77609.929.929.09
35pd adenosquamIA1.17704.6011.8012.74
36md SCCaIB3.33809.719.718.44
37md adenocaIA2.17104.945.604.53
38pd large cellIIIB6.109015.8615.8613.16
39wd BACIB1.80101.301.761.04
  • a diam., diameter; wd, well-differentiated; md, moderately differentiated; pd, poorly differentiated; cIIIA, clinical stage IIIA (patient was not surgically staged after PET imaging); adenoca, adenocarcinoma; BAC, bronchoalveolar cell carcinoma (a subtype of adenoca); SCCa, squamous cell carcinoma; large cell, large cell carcinoma; carcinosarc, carcinosarcoma (a large cell carcinoma subtype).

  • b Clara cell type adenocarcinoma.