Table 2

%Multiple covariate model using treatment, extent of surgery, radiation dose, sex, age, Karnofsky performance score, side of tumor, treating institution, and time of diagnosis to registration and actual postradiotherapy chemotherapy

TreatmentDFMO-PCV vs. PCV0.070.130.61
Surgery extentGTRa vs. biopsy−0.490.200.013
STR vs. biopsy−
Radiation↑ 1 cGy−0.00000180.000190.92
SexMale vs. female0.0120.140.93
Age↑ year0.0290.006<0.001
Karnofsky score↑ unit−0.0550.009<0.001
Side of tumorLeft vs. right−0.490.14<0.001
Treatment centerMDACC vs. others−0.0320.140.83
Diagnosis to registration↑ 1 week−0.010.0090.15
  • a GTR, gross total resection; cGy, centi-Gray; STR, subtotal resection.