Table 1

%Summary of clinicopathological features of patients with synchronous multiple lung cancers

Patient no.Age at diagnosisSexNo. of lesionsHistologyaDistributionLymph node metastasisMartini and Melamed criteria
Tumor 1Tumor 2Tumor 3
162M2BACBACsame lobePM
259M2SMADsame lobe+MC
367M2LALAsame lobe+PM
450F2ADADsame lobe+PM
577M2ADADsame lobe+PM
669M2ADbSQdifferent lobeMC
732F2ADADsame lobe+PM
868F2ADADdifferent lobeMC
969M3SQSQSQsame lobe+PM
1076M2SQSQsame lobePM
1166M2ADADsame lobePM
1235F2ADADsame lobe+PM
1353F2ADADsame lobe+PM
1456M2ADADsame lobePM
  • a AD, adenocarcinoma; SM, small cell carcinoma; LA, large cell carcinoma; SQ, squamous cell carcinoma; BAC, bronchioloalveolar carcinoma; PM, pulmonary metastasis; MC, multicentric lung cancer.

  • b Tumor 1 of this case had a squamous component.