Table 2

%Studies that examined p53 protein expression included in the present meta-analysis

YearStageMethodAntibodyCutoffMultiaNo. of patients
McLaren et al. (48)1992NSIHC4 Absb10NDc705556.0
Quinlan et al. (49)1992I–IIIHCPAB1801NSND496543.0
Brambilla et al. (50)1993I–IVIHC3 Absd20ND262155.3
Morkve et al. (51)1993I–IIIFCMPAb1801IndexeND862676.8
Carbone et al. (52)1994I–IIIIHCBP53-12NSNo251464.1
Ebina et al. (53)1994I–IVIHCDO710Yes115217.5
Volm and Mattern (54)1994I–IVIHCPAb1801NSND10710251.2
Fujino et al. (55)1995CurativeIHCDO75Yes362757.1
Lee et al. (56)1995I–IIIIHCDO750Yes4910731.4
Mitsudomi et al. (7)1995I–IIIIHCDO110No675754.0
Tormanen et al. (57)1995I–IIIIHCCM11Yes393652.0
Dalquen et al. (58)1996N0IHCCM11Yes466740.7
Dalquen et al. (58)1996N1–2IHCCM11No564654.9
Nishio et al. (8)1996I–IIIIHCDO710No9511345.7
Ohsaki et al. (59)1996I–IVIHCDO720No445544.4
Pappot et al. (60)1996IELISAPAb1801MedianNo656550.0
Xu et al. (61)1996I–IIIHCDO15Yesf546545.4
Apolinario et al. (62)1997I–IIIIHCDO7>0No566048.3
Apolinario et al. (62)1997I–IIIIHCPAb1801>0No575650.4
Esposito et al. (63)1997NSIHCDO71ND223936.1
Fontanini et al. (64)1997I–IIIHCPAb180120No324143.8
Ohno et al. (65)1997I–IIIIHCDO75Yes274040.3
Quantin et al. (66)1997I–IVIHCPAb18011No464351.7
Vega et al. (23)1997I–IVIHCPAb180110ND323051.6
Kwiatkowski et al. (67) g1998IIHCPAb1801 h Yes10813444.6
Levesque et al. (68)1998I–IVELISACM1MedianYes434350.0
D’Amico et al. (69)1999IIHCPAb1801NSYes17623243.1
Fu et al. (70)1999I–IIIIHCDO7>0ND1104869.6
Geradts et al. (71)1999I–IIIIHCDO715ND505348.5
Tomizawa et al. (72)1999IIHCDO710ND416239.8
  • a Multivariate analysis.

  • b PAb1801, PAb240, PAb421, CM1, and C19. Abs, antibodies.

  • c ND, not done; NS, not shown; FCM, flow cytometry.

  • d PAb421, PAb1801, and CM1.

  • e Fluorescence-control/control >1.

  • f Combined with RB.

  • g Analyzed disease-free survival.

  • h Weak versus moderate.