Table 3

Unadjusted and adjusted hazard ratios (HRs) based on the Cox proportional hazard regression model for clinicopathological variables, nuclear Ki-67 expression, MVDmean, and nuclear p16 expression in a population-based study of endometrial carcinoma patients (n = number of patients)

VariableCategoriesnUnadjusted HRa95% CIbPcAdjusted HRd95% CIPc
Age at primary operatione1951.051.0–1.10.0021.041.0–1.10.007
FIGO stageI/II1591<0.00011<0.0001
Ki-67 expressionf≤35%1491<0.000110.01
Nuclear p16 expressionIndex < 4246.63.5–12.5<0.00012.91.3–6.50.01
Index ≥ 417111
  • a Analyses based on patients with complete information for all variables (n = 195).

  • b CI, confidence interval.

  • c Likelihood ratio test.

  • d Hazard ratio adjusted for variables with P < 0.10 in the Cox PH regression model.

  • e Continuous variable with hazard ratio given per year.

  • f Proportion of positive nuclei.

  • g MVDmean in counts/mm2.