Table 3

Alteration of degree of methylation and MDR1 gene expression during the clinical course

ConditionDegree of methylation (MM2 % + MM4 %)aMDR1 gene expressionbTreatments
Case 1
Primary tumor540.5None
Recurrent tumor164.2Epirubicin
Case 2
Primary tumor540.8None
Recurrent tumor254.7THP-ADMc
Case 3
Primary tumor111.6None
Residual tumor710.9Systemic
Case 4
Recurrent tumor (Patient 3-1)218.3Epirubicin
Residual tumor (Patient 3-2)619.9Systemic
  • a Degree of methylation was analyzed using PCR (Fig. 5)<$REFLINK> and is represented as a percentage.

  • b MDR1 expression was determined as described in legend to Fig. 4<$REFLINK> .

  • c THP-ADM, pirarubisin.