Table 5

Effect of single-dose CDDP or PLEC (2 mg/kg) plus single-fraction RT against KB xenograft tumors in nude mice. Median times to reach 3Vo and statistical analyses

Median time to 3Vo (days)
Group4.5 Gy9 Gy
No drug12.722.6
CDDP plus RT14.517.4
PLEC plus RT20.825.2
Group4.5 Gy9 Gy
RT vs. CDDP plus RT>0.1<0.05a
RT vs. PLEC plus RT<0.001>0.1
CDDP plus RT vs. PLEC plus RT<0.001<0.02
  • a RT (9 Gy) alone was superior to RT plus CDDP.