Table 2

mRNA and protein expression and MVD after therapy with monoclonal antibody C225 and/or paclitaxel

TherapymRNA expression indexaProtein expression indexbMVDc (per ×200 field)
Pretreatment CTRL16940561011446554106111 ± 22
CTRL (PBS)100100100100100100100100104 ± 14
Paclitaxel100102100103969610011196 ± 17
C22559d56d67d26d52d62d58d56d54 ± 14d
Paclitaxel/C22557d51d55d29d44d50d46d56d50 ± 14d
  • a The intensity of the cytoplasmic color reaction was quantitated by an image analyzer and compared with the maximal intensity of poly(dT) color reaction in each sample. The results are presented as the intensity of expression for each therapy compared with CTRL, defined as 100.

  • b The intensity of the cytoplasmic immunostaining was quantitated by an image analyzer in three different areas of each sample to yield an average measurement and adjusted to the intensity of the cells of the tumors, with CTRL defined as 100.

  • c MVD expressed as average number of five highest area identified within a single ×200 field.

  • d P < 0.005 vs. CTRL (Mann-Whitney statistical comparison).