Table 5

CTL activity of a T-cell line from patient 11 postvaccination with ALVAC-CEA

A 16-h 111In-release assay was performed. Results are expressed in percentage of specific lysis at an effector:target cell ratio of 25:1. C1R-A2 cells, pulsed with various concentrations of CAP-1 peptide, were used as targets.

PeptideConcentration (μg/ml)% lysis (SD)
CAP-110038.5 (0.41)a
25.033.9 (2.10)a
12.531.2 (1.29)a
3.126.3 (2.13)a
1.625.0 (0.57)a
NCA509.5 (1.81)
PSA-3509.4 (0.96)
None11.5 (2.37)
  • a Statistically significant (P < 0.01, two-tailed t test).