Table 1

Characterization of TP53 mutations detected in 67 patients with breast cancer

Patient no.TherapyUICCp53 IHC%p53 Gene mutationExonCodonNormal sequenceMutant sequenceAS-change
248FECSD40T-A transversion103385′ CGC TTC 3′5′ CGC ATC 3′Phe-Ile
351FECPD20C-A transversion82765′ TGT GCC 3′5′ TGT GAC 3′Ala-Asp
11FECSD80C-T transition72485′ CGG 3′5′ TGG 3′Arg-Try
363FECSD80C-T transition82785′ GCC TGT CCT 3′5′ GCC TGT CTT 3′Pro-Leu
361FECPD09b deletion7261-intron5′ TCC AGg tcaggagccactt 3′5′ TCC gccactt 3′Splicing
357FECSD02b del7260–2615′ GAC TCC AG 3′5′ GAC TCT 3′Frameshift
290PaclitaxelPR01 b deletion41025′ ACC TAC 3′5′ ACT ACC . . . 3′Frameshift
458PaclitaxelPR<10g-t transversion8307-intron5′ CGA Ggt aac 3′CGA Gtt aac 3′Splicing
471PaclitaxelPR60A-G transition62145′ CGA CAT 3′5′ CGA CGT 3′His-Arg
X9PaclitaxelPR10G-A transition72455 GGC 3′5′ AGC 3′Gly-Ser
608PaclitaxelSD80C-T transition72505′ AGG CCC ATC 3′5′ AGG CTC ATC 3′Pro-Val