Table 3

Sulindac sulfone pharmacokinetic parameters after the first dose

Parameter values determined using WinNonlin software and noncompartmental analysis.

Tmax hCmax mg/lT1/2 hAUC mg × h/LVβ/Fb literCLs/Fb l/hMRT hVss/Fb liter
200-mg dose
300-mg dose
400-mg dosea
  • a Values from one subject with outlying results were omitted from the mean and SD calculations at the 400-mg bid dose level.

  • b F is the fraction of the oral dose that reaches the systemic circulation. Because the dose was administered orally, the value of F was unknown and potentially <1.00. This uncertainty in F was transmitted to the clearance and volume of distribution values, i.e., if F <1, then the clearance and volume of distribution values are larger than the true values. For this reason, these parameters were shown divided by F; F was omitted when the symbols were used in the text.