Table 4

Parameter values from two-compartment model analysis of sulindac sulfone plasma concentration-time profiles, after the first dose and after the 6-month dose

The average concentration for each dosage was analyzed. The last two rows represent the same data, expressed in differing units.

ParameterUnits200 mg300 mg400 mg
baseln6 mobaseln6 mobaselnabaselnb6 mob
t 1/2 abs h0.630.620.620.840.570.530.52
T lag h0.6550.3690.3770.4200.2110.2420.827
AUCμM× h78.9118121164127241174
T 1/2 h9.407.777.908.546.032110.9
T max h2.281.411.371.811.691.061.61
C max mg/l3.758.628.5210.006.7714.817.9
C max μm10.123.122.926.918.239.748.1
  • a All six patients were analyzed for the first dose baseline.

  • b Only two patients ended the 6-month study still taking the 400-mg bid dosage; these base line and 6-month parameter sets were an analysis of the average C versus t profiles from these two patients: 2006 and 2008.

  • c F is the fraction of the oral dose that reaches the systemic circulation. Because the dose was administered orally, the value of F was unknown and potentially <1.00. This uncertainty in F was transmitted to the clearance and volume of distribution values, i.e., if F <1, then the clearance and volume of distribution values are larger than the true values. For this reason, these parameters were shown divided by F; F was omitted when the symbols were used in the text.