Table 1

Patient profile

PatientAge/SexDosageaPrior chemotherapybPrior radiation (fields)Disease sitesc
mCi/m2Total mCi
247/M110223ANoL, P
352/F110163EYes (pelvis)L, P
474/M127248ANoPd, ADd
551/M75159ANoL, TA
665/M106244ANoP, TA
760/F111243A, CNoL, P
854/M102191ANoL, AD, AA
945/M110185A× 2, CYes (pelvis, L2–L4)P
1066/F111214A, CNoLd, P, AA, S, BO
1151/F100176A, FNoL, P
1259/M110214G, C, A, DNoLd, PA
1373/F97169G, A, H, CNoL, P, TAd
1437/F86150AYes (proximal femur/hip)L, P, PM
1555/F110176G, A, FNoLd
1646/F104200A, FNoL, AM
1756/F114214AYes (pelvis)Ld, P, PM, BO
1863/F117182A, CYes (pelvis, PALN)eLd, AA
1957/M109212A, G, CNoL
2072/F110215A, C, DNoLd, P, TA
2174/F109187A, GNoLd
2267/M111194ANoLd, P
2352/M109219BNoPM, AM
2461/M108236A, CNoPM, AA
2550/M113193A, CNoL, P, PM
  • a Administered activity.

  • b Specific regimens (all are systemic unless otherwise stated; excludes other investigational agents, vaccines, and vitamins): A, 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) + leucovorin; B, 5-FU + levamisole; C, irinotecan; D, mitomycin-C; E, 5-FU; F, oxaliplatin, 5-FU + leucovorin; G, intrahepatic 5-fluro-2-deoxyuridine (FUDR) ± leucovorin ± decadron; H, cyclophosphamide.

  • c L, liver; P, pulmonary; TA, thoracic adenopathy; AA, abdominal adenopathy; PA, pelvic adenopathy; AM, abdominal mass; PM, pelvic mass; S, splenomegaly; AD, adrenal mass; BO, bone (probably underreported because bone scans were not required by the study).

  • d >5.0 cm in at least one dimension.

  • e PALN, para-aortic lymph-nodes.