Table 1

Ligands used in clinically tested targeted toxinsa

B3 MabLewisyPECLMB-1(1)
B3 sFvLewisyPEGLMB-7b
B3 sFvLewisyPEGB96(sFv)PE40(2)
B3 dsFvLewisyPEGLMB-9(3)
RFB4 MabCD22RicinCIgG-RFB4-dgA(4)
RFB4 Fab′CD22RicinCFab′-RFB4-dgA(5)
RFB4 dsFvCD22PEGBL22(6)
HD37 MabCD19RicinCIgG-HD37-dgA(7)
B43 MabCD19PAPCB43-PAP(8)
Anti-B4 MabCD19RicinCAnti-B4-bR(9)
Anti-Tac MabCD25PECAnti-Tac-PE(10)
RFT5 MabCD25RicinCRFT5-dgA(11)
Anti-Tac sFvCD25PEGLMB-2(12)
454A12 MabTfRRicinC454A12-rA(14)
HuM195 MabCD33GelCHuM195-rGel(16)
N901 MabCD56RicinCN901-bR(18)
791T/36 MabMr 72,000 antigenRicinCXomazyme-791(21)
260F9 MabMr 55,000 antigenRicinC260F9-rA(22)
Ber-H2 MabCD30SO6CBer-H2-SO6(23)
T101 MabCD5RicinCT101-RTA(24)
H65 MabCD5RicinCH65-RTA(25)
XMMME-001 MabProteoglycanRicinCXMMME-001-RTA(26)
OVB3 MabOvarian antigenPECOVB3-PE(27)
3A1 MabCD7RicinC3A1-dgRTA(28)
e23 dsFverbB-2PEGErb-38(30)
  • a G, genetic fusion; C, chemical conjugate; SO6, saporin; EGF, epidermal growth factor; TGFα, tumor growth factor α; sFv, single-chain Fv antibody; dsFv, disulfide-stabilized sFv; TfR, Tf receptor; EGFR, epidermal growth factor receptor; GM-CSFR, GM-CSF receptor; Lewisy, a carbohydrate antigen; CD5, CD7, CD19, CD22, CD25, CD30, and CD56,“ cluster-designation” cell surface antigens; erbB-2, Her-2/neu gene product; Fab′, Fab antibody fragment.

  • b L. H. Pai-Scherf, D. Pearson, R. Wittes, M. C. Willingham, and I. Pastan. A Phase I study of LMB-7,[ B3(Fv)PE38], a recombinant single-chain immunotoxin for advanced solid tumors, submitted for publication.

  • c E. Olsen, M. Duvic, A. Frankel, Y. Kim, A. Martin, E. Vonderheid, B. Jegasothy, G. Wood, M. Gordon, P. Heald, A. Oseroff, L. Pinter-Brown, G. Bowen, T. Kuzel, D. Fivenson, F. Foss, M. Glode, A. Molina, E. Knobler, S. Stewart, K. Cooper, S. Stevens, F. Craig, J. Reuben, P. Bacha, and J. Nichols. Pivotal Phase III trial of two dose levels of DAB389IL2 (ONTAK) for the treatment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, submitted for publication.